Sailing Instructions


The change log will only be used for significant changes from the first day of racing. Changes will be in red color until the next race day.

The notation ‘[NP]’ in a rule of the sailing instructions (SIs) means that a boat may not protest another boat for breaking that rule. This changes RRS 60.1(a).


1.1 The event is governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing, except when obviously not relevant for VSK or this regatta.

1.2 No national authority prescriptions apply. 

1.3 The boat only consist of the hull and mast with regards to the RRS.

1.4 The definition Racing is changed as follows: A boat is racing from 2 minutes before the start until she finishes and clears the finishing line and marks, or retires or is "ghosted" by VSK 5 seconds after having crossed the finishing line.

1.5 In the definition Zone the distance is changed to two hull lengths.

1.6 If VSK gives a penalty for RRS 11, 12, 15, 16 or 18, then there has been contact between the two involved boats even if the any of the replays shows that there was no contact, except if there was extra ordinary lag involved.

1.7 Information derived from VSK shall be considered as correct with regards to

1.8 RRS 14 does not apply for a boat with right of way, or a boat entitled to room or mark-room.

1.9 Changes to RRS 20:

1.9.1 The hail in RRS 20.1 shall be replaced by "RTT" or "Room to tack" written in the chat.

1.9.2 Add to RRS 20.1: She shall not hail if the obstruction is a boat racing.

1.9.3 RRS 20.2(c) is changed as follows: If the conditions in RRS 20.1 are met, the hailed boat shall respond either by tacking as soon as possible, or  write "You tack" / "YT" / "T" in the chat or if she is able to, wait until the hailing boat begins her tacking manoeuvre, and then giving the hailing boat room to tack and avoid her.

1.10 The hail in RRS 61.1(a) shall be replaced by "P <boatname>" or "Protest <boatname>" written in the race chat. A unique shortening may be used instead of the boatname.

1.11 A request for cancellation is to be considered as a hail for protest by default from any competitor in the race. This changes RRS 61.1(a).

1.12 A penalty from VSK is to be considered as a hail for protest by default from any competitor in the race, but only with respect to RRS 2. This changes RRS 61.1(a).


2.1 Any change to the sailing instructions will be published before 20:00 CET in order to be valid for any races the same day.


3.1 Notices to competitors will be posted on the official notice board on Discord, on the front page of or by email. It's the responsibility of the competitors to track these sources for information, in addition to the SI.

3.2 [DP] While racing, except in an emergency, a boat shall not make or receive voice transmissions or data communication that is not available to all boats. The official Discord channels for each fleet are the only voice chats that are considered available to all boats.


4.1 The event is open to all boats of the ACC class.

4.2 Boats may enter the event by registering online within 06.01.2024 at 20:00 CET.

4.3 Late entries may be accepted by the race committee.

4.4 Boats with a reputation of unfair sailing will be denied entry to the event.

4.5 [DP] Boat shall during all races use the same VSK login name as per the entry and display a boat name that will identify them uniquely.


5.1 [DP] Competitors shall comply with reasonable requests from race officials.


6.1 The races will be held every Monday and Thursday at 21:00 CET for 3 weeks, starting 08.01.2024 and ending 25.01.2024. Two races per race day.

6.2 The estimated race duration for each race day is approximately 1.5 hours.

6.3 The passwords to the races are given in SI 13.4.


7.1 The regatta will consist of a qualifying series and a final series.

7.2 For the qualifying series boats will be assigned to different fleets of, as nearly as possible, equal size. The target maximum fleet size is 20. The fleet assignment can be seen on the scoreboard 24 hours prior to the next race. If more than 20 assigned boats are present at a fleet server, the boats with the lowest ranking shall instead join the fleet server with fewest boats.

7.3 Assignments for the first two race days will be based on the seeding from the VSK5 ELO Ranking, core rating values. Late entries for the first race day will be assigned to fleets by the race committee at their discretion.

7.4 Assignments for race days 3 and 4 will be based on the standing in the regatta.

7.5 Fleet assignments will follow the up and down principle.

7.6 If a skipper announce to the RC that he/she cannot join for a race day after the assignments have been made, the RC may at their discretion manually move a skipper from one fleet to another in order to make them equal level wise and in size.

7.7 If the assignments result in a fleet without a host or a video recorder, the RC may at their discretion manually swap skippers between two fleets.

7.8 Twenty boats will be assigned to the final-series on the basis of their ranks in the qualifying-series. Finalists who are not present within 21:03 CET for race F1, may be permanently replaced by reserves who are stand-by, in the order of their ranking.


8.1 The courses to be used will soon be available at the downloads page.

8.2 The 8 courses are assigned the following codes:

8.3 The courses shall be used in the different races as described below:


9.1 RRS 44.1 is changed so that the Two-Turns Penalty is replaced by the One-Turn Penalty.

9.2 Penalties assigned by VSK may be requested to be cancelled. Penalties that are requested to be cancelled shall be cancelled (approved) by the other competitor.

9.3 A competitor who does not approve a cancellation after being requested, will be scored DSQ by the race committee without a hearing, except if not being able to cancel. This changes RRS A5.1.


10.1 Boats failing to finish within 5 minutes after the first boat sails the course and finishes, and not subsequently retiring, penalized or given redress, will be scored Time Limit Expired (TLE) by the race committee without a hearing. A boat scored TLE shall be scored points equaling "the points scored by the last boat that finished within the Finishing Window + 1 + (number of TLE boats - 1) / 2". This changes RRS 35, A5.1, A5.2 and A10.

10.2 [NP] When the time limit is reached, the affected boats shall change to spectator mode to end the race.


11.1 Except for race scores excluded under SI 11.3, a boat’s series score for the regatta will be the total of her race scores from all races.

11.2 RRS A5.2 is changed as follows:

11.3 Excluded races

11.4 The scores in the final series shall be used to break ties before the scores in the qualifying series. This changes RRS A8.

11.5 The last sentence of RRS A8.1 is deleted.

11.6 The results for each race in the regatta will be submitted to the VSK5 ELO Ranking.


12.1 The protest time limit is 2 hours after the last race of the day.

12.2 A hearing request form is available on the protest page.

12.3 For situations which

it is not necessary to submit a protest. Such situations will be considered as a protest by the protest committee by default and will be processed accordingly. This changes RRS 60.3, 61.1(b) and 61.2.

12.4. A list of race incidents will be published after each race, including protests, cancellations and other hails under the protests menu item.  Protests and hearing requests will be listed in a seperate table on the same page. Decisions from the protest committee will be posted in those lists without any detailed explanations given.

12.5 If the protest committee decides to protest a boat under RRS 60.3(a)(2), it does not need to inform her. The current hearing will proceed as if the boat was originally included in the protest. This changes RRS 61.1(c).

12.6 Each boat will be judged based on their own replays, if available. It's the responsibility of each competitor involved in a situation to submit their own replay. The replay can be uploaded at the dedicated Discord channel. If a boat does not submit her replay, the host replay or any other submitted replay will be the used.

12.7 If request for redress is received, or if the protest committee in a hearing finds that a rule has been broken, redress may be given in the following situations, in addition to those listed in RRS 62.1:

it must be considered that the boat is physically damaged as described in RRS 62.1 (b).


13.1 Race hosts for each race day will be appointed by the race committee to host the races as specified in this chapter. See the notes field on the scoreboard for host assignments.

13.2 Remove any active guest list or black list.

13.3 Reboot your computer before setting up the server, make sure no unnecessary programs are running, and make sure that no others on the network are affecting  your hosting quality.

13.4 Set up the race server no later than 20:50 CET

Server name: VWC Fleet <A-X> (Enter the code of your fleet)
Password: winter
Password for spectator: silence
Max Players: 20
Max Spectators: 5 (or as announced by the RC)
Race mode: Fleet Race
Rules mode: Complete (Auto)
Game Type: Tactical
Ladder mode: Forced

Course selection: In accordance with SI 8. Leave all settings to default.

13.5 Check if boats that enters the race belongs to your fleet.

13.6 Start the first race of a day at 21:00 CET. Start the subsequent races no later than 5 minutes after the conclusion of the previous race (inform about any intention of a bio break). Remind the video operator to start recording. Do not restart for skippers entering late, unless they were in the race lobby with problems getting in to the particular race. If a boat disconnects from the server, restart the race if the boat returns to the server as ghost before the 1 minute signal, except if a restart of the race already has been made for that boat.

13.7 If the host disconnects, the reserve host will take over as host. The disconnected race will be resailed if less than 50% of the boats had rounded the second mark. Otherwise the race will be scored by the protest committee according to the situation in the race at the point of disconnection.

13.8 After the first boat has finished until the last boat is finished, do not use any of the menu operations like saving replay or kicking boats, as this may lead to boats being omitted from the scores.

13.9 If a boat does not finish within the maximum time limit as given in SI 10, the host may ask the boat to go spectator. If there is no response, the kick option may be used.

13.10 After each race

13.11 After a complete race day, post the following to the host channel on Discord asap:


14.1 Video operators for each race day will be appointed by the race committee to record the races as specified in this chapter.

14.2 Use a screen recording software (preferable x-box game bar which is available by default on most windows computers) to record the game screen for each race. The recording shall begin no later than 2 minutes before the start and shall last until the race ends.

14.3 After a complete race day, review the videos of the races asap and take note of all relevant events during the race in a spread sheet provided by the race committee. The events to put in the log from the VSK chat are Cancel requests, Cancel approvals, Protest hails and RTT hails. In addition, if you have the info, note if a boat took a penalty turn or if a cancel involved contact (other than RRS 11, 12, 15, 16 and 18). PS! No need to fill in VSK pens that are not cancelled.

14.4 When you are done filling out the spread sheet, post a notification in the protest committee channel on discord.

14.5 Store the video files for 1 week and answer promptly to any requests from the race committee or protest committee to provide more information.